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We are the Gold Dealer & Refiner in the South Bay, Los Angeles, and Orange County, CA. Being the leader in Southern California allows us to offer you the best prices for both selling or buying gold, silver, and platinum. We refine your gold to manufacture jewelry, create gold bars and trade it with our affiliates. Consequently, this allows us to offer you one the largest selection of coins, bullion, and numismatics. Visit our stores today and sell your unwanted gold jewelry and then invest in precious metal bars and bullion. Gold and Silver is a great safe haven asset to own as a part of a diversified portfolio. With today’s economic uncertainty, adding gold to your portfolio has become a recognized diversification strategy that serves as potential hedge against inflation and declining dollar. Gold is recognized as a monetary and financial asset worldwide that has survived inflation, deflation, financial crises and natural calamities over the centuries. As with any investment and collecting, please seek advise from your investment adviser. We are committed to transparent and responsible pricing.