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Investing in US Numismatic Coins

When you acquire a rare coin or numismatic, you have just purchased an investment that is more valuable as a collectible than for its bullion content. Today presents a great opportunity for gold buyers: the gold content vs numismatic value of American $20 Gold Coins is at one of the lowest ratios in history! Two designs known as the $20 Gold Liberty and the $20 Saint Gaudens (pictured below) were minted by the US government from 1849 until 1933, and over 90% of these have been melted down!

With gold selling around $1900+ per ounce, some of these Double Eagles are available for only about $125 more than a Krugerrand, American Eagle, or other non-historic bullion coins. Some in pristine condition, command 6 figures.

Morgan Silver Dollars are considered to be our #1 collectible silver numismatic. Most of these have also been melted down, with not even one left per citizen available! Mid-grade uncirculated examples can be had for about $20 over the price of their silver content, so they are very affordable, and we believe everybody should own at least one.

Peace Dollars, minted between 1921 and 1935, are not as popular with collectors, but are exceedingly rare in grades above MS-65. Either the Morgan or Peace dollars make great investments for just their silver value, so it’s hard to lose either way.

Buy And Sell Collectible Coins

For years, the South Bay has not had a local coin shop, but now we do! We are proud to offer a wide selection of PCGS and NGC Certified coins, and our staff can offer you same-day appraisals of items in your collection. Visit us today and Buy, Sell, or Trade Coins.

South Bay Gold features numerous numismatic treasures, from certified silver dollars to 19th century American Gold and modern Proof Bullion coins. No appointment is needed to look at our offerings; whether you’re a novice or a seasoned collector, drop by and you just might find what you’ve been looking for!

Taking advantage of today’s marketplace in Certified coins requires knowledge beyond just knowing the latest spot prices on gold and silver; each coin has different characteristics that can affect its value, and eye appeal plays an important part in determining its value. South Bay Gold can assist you in making the right selections for your portfolio regardless of price.

Established American rarities, like the 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent and the 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar now carry price tags starting in the $1,000  and up!

For the last decade, the U.S. Mint has been aggressively issuing coins aimed at stimulating interest in the younger segment of the coin collecting community. The State Quarters program encouraged collectors to once again look through their pockets to find the latest issues needed to complete a 50-piece set for face value!

Many collectors are unaware that they can actually purchase some items today for less then they were originally sold by the US Mint!

Morgan Dollar Los Angeles

Silver Dollars – Why Now?

Here’s one great reason: Save over 50%! That’s compared to the difference in the price of silver since May to October 2011. When silver hit its peak of $48, US silver dollars were selling for $46 each. Today, you can pick up these same silver dollars for around $20 in good condition! South Bay Gold has thousands of common and key-date Morgan and Peace dollars in its inventory and there may never be a better time to stock up on this precious reserve of legal-tender silver. Here are more reasons for you to consider US Silver Dollars as part of your strategic metals portfolio:

High Silver Content. Each US silver dollar contains over 3/4 ounce of pure silver.

Limited Supply. Morgan and Peace Dollars were only minted for 38 years between 1878 and 1935, with many having already been melted down. In fact, it’s estimated that there are not enough left in existence for each American to own even one! Just think what will happen to prices if foreign governments decide to stock up on these pieces of American history..

They can never be confiscated! Unlike bars and other bullion products, US silver dollars are classified as genuine legal tender coins. As such, they are considered to be collectibles and are legally exempt from confiscation by the US Government. This is due in part to the fact that they trade for a premium over their silver content for their collectors value. This works to your advantage, as they also can be re-sold for a similar premium. If you think there’s even the slightest risk our government could repeat the gold seizure of 1933, then you should invest in some real money!

Easy Liquidity. American Silver Dollars are recognized around the world not just for their silver value, but their symbolism of the American way of life.

South Bay Gold also has hundreds of NGC and PCGS Certified Dollars reflecting similar discounts. We invite you to come see our displays at both the Torrance and Manhattan Beach locations to learn more about these coins and this limited opportunity to get the deal of a lifetime while it lasts!

Reasons to Buy Gold and Silver

Reasons to hold gold (and silver) are based on uncertainty about the world’s economic security and the stability of governments to withstand market forces beyond their control.

We have all felt the impact of the price of oil. Every day the media reports on a new geopolitical event orchestrated to bring down a society somewhere, whether in the Middle East, Korean Peninsula, Europe, Mexico, or yes, even in the United States of America To Read More …