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Sell Gold Jewelry

To Sell Your Gold – Print this Sell Gold Coupon →

Selling Gold Jewelry Coupon Torrance - South Bay Gold - Compare Meridian Coin

Coupon For selling Gold Jewelry

Receive 2.0 Percent More Cash

You must bring this coupon to our Torrance or Manhattan Beach location to redeem. Your gold jewelry excluding the stones must worth more than $200.00.

Valentine’s Day and Diamond Earrings

Valentine’s Day and Diamond Earrings

Valentines Day Sale Diamond Halo Stud Earrings

All in the name of Saint Valentine, every February 14 around the world, candy, flowers, and jewelry are exchanged between loved ones as gifts. At SBG Jewelry Store, we can help you make your special someone’s Valentine’s wishes come true. We know Diamonds and the importance of it for Valentine’s Day.

We are offering 20% discount on single diamond stud earring up to intricately designed diamond halo studs for Valentine’s Day. shop early to take advantage of the available selection. Or design a unique piece for fraction of the cost and show your everlasting love. With fiery brilliance of diamonds and shimmering colors of gemstones, the eternal beauty of your love will shine through and bring a sparkle to your Valentine’s eye.